Friday 6 September 2013

The Scent

Words can't explain how much I love this Giulietta perfume by Tocca. 

It makes me feel like I've just come out of the bath and had a party with some delicious smelling talcum powder. Plus the inspiration for it came from Corsica, a place which is very close to my heart after many family holidays there. You know when a smell just feels like you? And then you can't imagine loving another one again.

"Inspired by the love story of Italian director Federico Fellini and his wife, Giulietta Masina, Tocca's Giulietta is a sweet, floral scent reminiscent of the couple's holidays spent on the island of Corsica. Sweet top notes of ylang ylang, green apple, and pink tulips bloom into the floral delicacy of lily of the valley, vanilla orchid, and lilac. The essence lingers, leaving the skin with a hint of pink tulips and amber"

The bottle looks so pretty on your dressing table too...

Giulietta I love thee...

All Good Things

Come In Brown Packages


And it was with immense excitement that I got to cut the string and tear open this particular brown box today because after a week of biting my nails and tearing my locks out, my Abel & Cole delivery HAD ARRIVED. It was part of me and the girls plan to eat well, buy less and generally just be awesome in terms of just life in general really.. if that makes sense. For a medium sized veg & fruit box it's £18.99 including delivery. Between three... that's... well you can do the maths. But essentially it is far better than spending buckets in Waitrose or Sainsburys and the biggest joy of all is getting things you normally miss at the shops, like kiwis and cabbage, hurrah hurrah. If you aren't at home you can arrange for it to be delivered somewhere else... it's all rather brilliant. 

In my fruit and veg box I did get:

Juicy Grapes

And all these things have been grown with love (puuuke) In other words these little puppies are ORGANIC

We are slowly starting to get our new pad on Lavender Sweep looking good. We found a lovely old coffee table and a Laura Ashley rug on ebay and we've been picking up bits and bobs since we moved in. My favourite part of the house is the KITCHEN which has a lovely fireplace in it that I painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey... along with many other things. I feel that if I'm not careful, the whole house, floors and all will succumb to Annie's muted charms... Watch this space.

Thursday 15 August 2013


God..(ahem) I mean Gisele For H&M

Anyone who even attempts at "TUTTING"  at my Autumnal musings will now be holding their breath...for BEHOLD Queen Gisele, looking as sun kissed and freckly as we know and love her. That cream, chunky and what looks like (posh voice) cussssh-mere  polo neck. The slick, masculine coat...those perfectly positioned skinny rings... THE HAIR. Do I need to spell it out any more..


In the words of Ness, "Crackin"

Back To Black

Yes, yes I KNOW it's August but working at Vestiaire Collective and having to sift through amazing item after amazing item, you can't help but let the old mind take a wonder... and anyway I have and always will be a September girl. That back to school feeling, everything starting fresh, new books and pencil cases, long September days with the leaves beginning to fall and a high sun.  I'll take Autumn any day. 

A mixture of realism and complete fantasy! But you must know, whatever happens the flatforms will be MINE in circa 3 weeks.

Silk Cami: Equipment
Leather Trousers: Balmain 
Jumper: The Row
Flatform Loafers: Mango gimme gimme gimme!!!

Thursday 1 August 2013

Pretty In Pink

I think I would be very happily matched with this wonderful candy pink cocoon coat by Gold Case. Aside from the Carven version which I would have to sell my soul to afford (but still would be a few hundreds short) this little powder pink version is very tempting.
Imagine feeling as sprightly as Spring even in the depths of Winter... it's a survival tip if nothing else.

Coat £249 here

Mango A/W 2013


Mango's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is full of strong pieces. One of my favourites is this striped jumper for £39.99 just about to land in stores.  There are about 4 really strong coats and pinstripe galore! Check out the patent creepers too...

I'm actually getting excited for next season on the hottest day of the year, 


Friday 26 July 2013

Best Friends

Sometimes you just have to praise the Lord for your best friends.