Friday, 13 May 2011

Make Mine Marni

The images above are surprisingly and un-alarmingly cost friendly. I realised quite some time ago, whilst rummaging through TK MAX, that there are small, unknown sanctuaries that house exactly what we have always longed for. I might be more of a scraper and scrounger than most, but I tend to have great luck finding the items I lust after.

In the former, I have found not only Marni (and good pieces at that) but also Chloe, Dolce and Gabanna (printed corsets and rose-covered bras) and even Burberry. The hunt for a cost-friendly item is part of why I am interested in purchasing clothes…there is never as much joy for me when you pick an item off a shelf (with 12 more of the same underneath it) and pay the full price it.

This is why I spend most of my ‘shopping time’ on my favourite online market in the whole entire world. The most exciting place to virtual-rummage, the best-stocked invisible warehouse in all of the galaxies…Ebay.

The pictures of my editors pick of Marni items were found at 12pm today on Ebay. I want all of them. I can’t afford any of them as I am still job hunting…but you might be able to!

Some people give up on Ebay because of the not-knowing whether they will win an item. When the clock counts down that final minute, 10 or more frantic virtual bidders will be at logger-heads on their laptops, fingers poised to big again.

However if you have ever had the divine pleasure of winning a bid-off, you will know exactly why one can easily become hooked to the rush of an Ebay-nian Battle….Make mine a Marni.

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