Sunday, 19 June 2011

123 Pick n Mix Vintage Sale And Street Style Snapping

It never gets old. Snap Aoise snapping me.

One of our faves, beautiful mama Pia in Hoxton City Farm.

Pia's see through orange Furla bag was a hit with us.

We can still see youuuu Bex.

Aoise snapping me, me snapping Aoise...again

The thirty piece bag of dreams...

One of Aoise's finds

Rails and rails of joy...

£20 bags...big enough to fit a whole new wardrobe in.

Sunday was a funday when Aoise, Bex and I hit the 123 Vintage pick 'n mix sale on Bethnal Green Road. The concept-simple. Buy a bag for either £5, £10 or £20 (all relative sizes) and then fill it to your hearts content with anything adorning the rails or hiding in boxes on the floor. It really was sweat-inducing. And it also turns the most lady-like girls into complete monsters. My bag was so full I had red lines on my shoulders for the duration of Sunday evening as I stuck nearly half my items up on ebay (clever). Aoise and Bex coordinated a sterling effort which saw them fit THIRTY items into their bag....I know! However, no one can say we didn't try our best...

The rest of the day was spent hanging out at the cosy tea-pot inhabited cafe downstairs mulling over our 'freebies' (we forget we paid for the bag) and then Aoise and I bounced off in search of street style. We managed to snap some fantastic, interesting people on Columbia Road, scribbling down their notes whilst trying to avoid the overhanging rain clouds. We finished off the day near Hoxton City Farm and settled for some refreshments with Bex. Photo's of street style to follow in the next blog.

All in all a great Funday. The 123 vintage sale continues all this week. Click here for a direct link to the website.

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