Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Toys

Green straw case-bag £7 Primark, Swedish Hasbeen Clogs from a selection at Ebay (£49.99) and bag from charity shop as before.

Classic Mac with tartan lining from Ebay.

Silk Kimono £4.50 from Charity Shop
Originally from Windsmoor

You can't complain when these Isabel Marant style booties set you back £7.99.
From Ebay but originally from BHS.

A bag full of joy at £4.99 from Charity Shop

Who says you need to spend a lot to secure the items you are longing for?I never ever pay a lot for my clothes, shoes and bags, preferring to rummage around in charity shops or scour ebay for hidden gems. I have been looking for the perfect mac (with my imaginary prototype as Burberry...obviously) but I managed to find as good as it gets on Ebay in just a few minutes. And for a zillienth of the price. The navy blue leather and cream straw bag fits all my essentials in and the primark straw case carries my camera around London. If you look hard enough you will never need to spend the highest prices for things that you love. Take the silk kimono above, they are retailing in the £60s and £70s on the high street...take your time and one will magically pop up in a charity shop. Happy shopping.

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