Friday, 1 July 2011

The Bracelets

I don't know about you but the photos above make my me feel all happy inside. I am a massive advocate of the 'stack' look for this summer. Pile them high and break the rules by mismatching and juxtaposing colours and textures. Spikes, silks, friendship bracelets, skulls, crosses, doesn't matter. As long as it is bold and interestinng. Which stack out of the above is your favourites? Mine is the second from the top...I can't resist the spikes and flash of turquoise.
To get you started I have found these colourful pop cross silk bracelets on ebay. Just type in 'silk/thread cross bracelets) The top one comes in every colour under the sun and you can get one for just £2.50. Perfect for adding to a stream of other pretty bands. The second one (my favourite) is £4.50 and the bottom ones, which you can design yourself, are £1! I have ordered three. This summer is all about a wrist full of strings, crosses and friendship bands. Look no further than ebay.

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