Monday, 11 July 2011

Isabel Marant FEVER

I cannot get enough of dear Isabel. Comfy knit jumpers in speckled hues of pink, red and blue teamed with incredibly short shorts and tassle boots in beiges and blacks. Note to all females, this combo is eternally lengthening and elegant. She cannot do 'try hard.' Everything that Miss Marant touches turns to laid back, effortless spanking sparkling gold. Her clothes are a success story simply because they are made to be worn...and indeed they look better the more worn that they are. Perhaps another winning ingredient in the Marant recipe is the transitional nature of every one of her designs, What works so well mid summer will also see you through the long winter nights, albeit teamed with one of her chunk knits.

I mean I could go on till the cats come home...or the fat lady starts to sing.

The fact is, I M is my favourite designer. Where other shows perhaps offer more of a wow factor, Isabel Marant will be my go to girl for years to come.

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