Friday, 29 July 2011

What can you get for a tenner?

I had a rare afternoon off and decided to take out £10 and see what I could get for it. The results were more than I could have hoped for! Firstly I popped into the amazing Lunn Antiques Ltd (86 New Kings Road) where there are enough tribal purses and belts to make your eyes pretty much everything is in the sale. I got the tribal purse and pompom keyring for £1.50...not bad at all. The belt with multi-coloured beads and bells was £2.50. You can see it on my dressing table in the top pic. Next up I went to Fara Charity Shop, just opposite where I live and picked up THE most magnificent jumper I have ever seen in my LIFE. It fits perfectly, has the exact length sleeves I have been hunting for, is a loose knit and a warm honey colour. That set me back £3. The silk floral dress was an amazing £1 in the sale and the native american print tshirt was also a £1. Feeling pretty impressed with myself. Urging anyone and everyone to visit to inspect what they have on offer.

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