Thursday, 4 August 2011

Oh Jean!

"They were young, they were in love and together they changed the course of fashion photography forever."

Jean Shrimpton, iconic model of the sixties and David Bailey, the young photographer who later said of his muse and lover, "she took me breath away," embarked on a four year love affair which saw them pioneer their docu-style photography in a way that would shape a new era of fashion photography forever. Flicking through this months Vogue I came across the article (page 336) which recounts the story of an iconic love affair as prompted by a new biopic film which is set for release entitled We'll Take Manhattan (directed by John McKay) I am DYING to see this. There is something about Jean's alarming beauty, the smokey, upper-lid-outlined eyes (which, fyi, are bang on trend for A/W 2011's beauty reports) and the raw love between two bright young things that attracts me to their story. I want to know EVERYTHING. I find the 60s the most inspiring era in terms of fashion, photography and art and this is mirrored by the political upheaval of such an era. My style icons are all from, or heavily influenced by this era and my next few blogs will showcase these women who inspire me on a day to day basis. If in doubt, if in a dry patch fashion-wise, if feeling a little lacklustre...then return to books, films and photographs from the 60s and you will surely find inspiration in that inherent glamour that women of the time possessed. I have nostalgia for an era I only know from old media...But I feel like I know it so well!

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