Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I really want to make a pun somewhere in here. I can feel it trying to burst out of me so I'm going to try and hold it in. BREATHE. IN. Anyway..I really like the large clutch thing. Even though it is probably the opposite of conventional elegance, I think it provides a modern alternative. One of the great things about an oversized clutch is the ability to decorate your 'holding' wrist with bangles-a-plenty... pile them up and decorate that centre piece. Advocates of the look include Ashley Olsen, Olivia Palmero and...Me. Check out my H.O.C (holiday oversized clutch) that I sported in Cadaques (best holiday ever)

It was less than £5 I'll have you know and it has accompanied me to every holiday since I've had it..I am the worlds biggest bargain hunter! (Primark last year). So I'm really clutching at straws. here...let's call it a day. Adios! x

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