Thursday, 15 December 2011

Classified Information KEEP OUT

So another top tip for you this Christmas as you enter a terrifying battle against your bank... JUST HOLD THE FORT DUDES.

It's only bloody TK MAX! 

Such a lush shop and there are all those LOSERS out there who think it sucks. Well....THEY SUCK. And they are missing out BIG TIME. Because TK MAX can provide all manner of present solutions from BEAUTIFULLY wrapped soap (watch out friends...there will be a few of these popping out over the mistletoe month) and I mean like, Liberty level wrapping paper and ribbon.. to aromatic candles like the white tea and jasmine one I bought yesterday... There is also fantastic homeware  such as photo frames and even softer than soft loose knit blankets (OBSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSED) So little elves, you can check out my special picks from the website below OR you  can get off your nicely rounded BEhinds and head to the creme de la creme of Christmas shopping. 

Lambretta watch £24.99

Ostrich leather bag £69.99 HERE

Gilet £29.99  HERE
Save £45 on this amazing serum HERE

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