Monday, 5 December 2011

Classified Information

SHHHHHHHHHHH don't tell anyone!

Right so over the next three weeks (yep that's right kids...there's just three small weeks to go #jinglejinglejinglebells) I will be divulging my secret CLASSIFIED information to you. Simply because I am GORGEOUSLY NICE and also, having such great little bargains clogging up my brain is getting quite tiring....I mean I've got so many. So I'm gonna share them with you. Aint that what Christmas is forrrr my lovvvers? So here is my first secret...

Hands up who has got more than one piercing??....right, okay.

Hands up who's got like, two in a row and then maybe one up top?? Okay, yesss, I seee, quite a few of you...Oh yep and you at the back..hmmmkay

Hands up if you'd like a set of STERLING SILVER earrings, in size order, for each of your holes (excuse my language) Oh riiiiighhhht, okay, all of you do??

Well class, here we are then. Four sets up sterling silver hoops, in size order for...ooooh, wait for it....£5.50. Yes that's right...I do love you very much.

Click here to buy for others (or yourselves hehehehehe GREEEEDYYY)

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