Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I'm Hungers

Sizzzle Sizzzzzzzle

Is it just me or can anybody else NOT stop eating fry ups? It started off as a resolution to fight the bitter winter winds but now it has snuck into my very soul... and a morning without at least something fried, poached or grilled, feels very forlorn indeed. The polar bears stock up for the winter months...and they are fantastic looking creatures.By the by, Barossa on the New Kings Road is my brunch destination of choice. Me and my sisters and cousin gorged ourselves on Sunday morning and we were NOT disappointed. MMMMMMmmmmmm yum. Speaking of my sisters, I am taking the youngest one for a slap up brunch tomorrow morn, bright and early at this fine joint...http://getinmygob.blogspot.com/2011/10/sunday-hangover-brunch-el-vergel-in.html

Get In my Gob is a little gem I discovered last week. All food (nooooooo wayyyy??) and very hunger inducing. I am now OBSESSED with her tasty musings and delicious, no nonsense recipes. Check out her Sunday Roast blog....PHWOOOAR. Now we're talking Son.

Another great discovery and hence why you see a picture of cups of steaming mulled wine in my collage above, is the fantastic Compass Pub in Angel. Me and my girls went for a cozy Thursday night there and we were enthralled by the DELICIOUS mulled wine, steaming and scented with orange and cinnamon. The house red (2 bottles later) had also gone down very nicely and after a massive rustic cheese board, we all had very rosy cheeks! It was a lovely pub to spend a freezing Thursday night in. You gotta love Angel, hey ladies?

Anyhoodle, above is a collection of pics from my winter holiday to Connemara mixed in with some other shots found randomly on the big old net. I have tried to make it fashiony but in reality, its more foody. C'est la Vie. I'm HUNGERS.

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  1. Stop it.. Fry ups and Husky puppies in one post. Too much. You are a greedy wan x