Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Pictures: Various on We Heart It


The cold blast of FRESH AIR. But seriously, how soothing are all these pictures?

Now I must warn you, I don't know what has happened over the last few weeks but I have gone interiors Cr-HAAAAYZAAAAAAAAAAAY. Pictures like the above thrill me even more than (and dare I even whisper it)....clothes. (don't worry it's porbs just a wierd stage I'm going through mmkay) It's just a joy to flick through interiors blogs online as I man the reception desks of Greater London. One of my fave things to do to help pass the time at the moment is to fill up my shopping basket until it gets to over a £100 and then just leave it all and make a dash from the long losers! I'm not gona get any of that stuff!!!!! LOLZ

The secret joy of having everything in white is that even small spaces appear bigger and more airy. Furthermore, if your room isn't lucky enough to be swamped in light, white can give the illusion of natural light. Check out the clothes hooks below I've found on ebay for a great way to lift all that clutter off the floor and up onto your wall...There are TRILLIONS and TRILLIONNNNS on ebay and they are all no more than a few pounds.

Gd day y'all.

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