Saturday, 7 January 2012

In my closet

In My Closet Bitches

These are my fave things at the minute. Or they were rather. I've been meaning to put these up for like, like, AGES but unfortunately I lost my camera lead. Sob Sob Sob Sob. I still love them a lot but since it's been so cold I've moved on to wooly jumpers that go down to my knees and who's hairs constantly get in my eyes and make me itch...ARGGGGGGGH.

So in no particular order whatsoever, the culprits are:

Mink hole jumper: Helmet Lang
Grey jumper: Isabel Marant
Black and grey holey poloneck: H&M
Arm Cuff: charity
Navajo bracelet: charity
Metal feather: present from the marvellous store of Emily Monk a la Burning Man Festival
Metal mesh belt: present from the rare kind of tiger that is Henri Talbot
Grey clutch/wallet: Bershka
Buckle Boots: Primark
Bowler hat: Coz I'm a bowler. Charity shop.
Shiny drape top: H&M

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