Saturday, 25 February 2012


My goodness...

...I had a crackin' night on Thursday. Yeah, it was a real corker. Chloe Points, mastermind of luxury scarf brand Allegra London, invited me down to Somerset House where she was exhibiting as part of London Fashion Week 2012. We had a catch up and filmed a little off the cuff interview (above). Chloe is such a lovely girl and I have a lot of respect for what she's achieved in Allegra at the young age of 24. She has another full time job as well as this bespoke scarf company which is pretty admirable. In 2012, multi tasking is how we all seem to cope with balancing finances with our passions. It definitely pays off in the end.

The scarves are even more vibrant in real life... literally colour exploding from you (imagine Katy Perry Fireworks vid...yes just like that) Chloe gave me the green and pink one above and it ACTUALLY attracts stares as the colours are so intense. Sooooo intense man. I'M IN LOVE. They are baby-soft.  I'm looking forward to wearing mine as a sarong this summer. Bring, It, On.

The night ended watching Tinchy (who is teeeeeeeeeeeeny, like a Minpin) perform I Will Never Leave You with Amelle from Sugarbabes. This was like, like, like, AMAZING as I used to sing this song eight times in a row in the shower. Don't worry, coz I totally recorded the performance which I will post in a minute as I'm rapidly running out of battery. Only thing is I'm calling my sister the whole way through it, which sort of ruins it. And I sing over Amelle. But I'll post it anyway, no biggie.

Guys, seriously, just order a god damn scarf. Now.

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