Monday, 12 March 2012

Beach Babe

Bikini: at H and M

What is it about March?

Everyone goes NUTS, convinces themselves Summer is luterally right.around.the.corner and then they spend all their hard earned money on bikinis, kaftans, beach towels....(suncream) etc etc

This totes doesn't refer to me. JOOOOKES!!!! I'm such a bloody wild one that I went all out and spent £18 on this green, checked hot mama from H and M. You can't beat them for swimwear. I can NEVER understand why lunatics spend ££££££ on expensive itsy bitsy teeeny weeeenies. Like seriously, h and m prints are always bang on and so cheap. Let's be honest, every year, last year's look a bit faded and b to the oring anyhoodle. 

Yeah- chuffed with this one. And I'll take her bod too if that's alrigh' H and M? Can I just add that to my order yeah lads?

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