Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Summer-tastic Dish

Last night I went all out...

Maybe it was the resonating memory of Masterchef... perhaps it were the glorious sunshine...either way my mind was brimming with summer food recipes and I must say, I excelled myself (gufaaaaaaaaaaaawf) So basically I made a little something like THUS:

Smoked salmon fillet with ginger, garlic, chillies, olive oil and lemon juice (cooked in tinfoil)

Cous cous with beetroot, fetta, sunflower seeds and rocket (and stock)

AND a tomato (three different kinds) and basil salad in olive oil.

All in all....I am a culinary genius. Can't pluck up the courage to chuck my favourite plate away even though half of it has fallen off...I eat on it pretty much every night. #unrequitedlove

NOTE: I have found a refreshing new summer drink (sans alcohol) Sparkling water, a good squeeze of fresh lime and a drop of Robinson's Orange and Mango... trust me, it KICKS ass.

That is all... Adios!

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