Thursday, 26 April 2012

Things That Make You Go Mmmm

Rumble Rumble

In my tummy. 

When I see this GOODIES. 

I have been experimenting of late. Perhaps it's my new I Phone which can turn even the most boring photo into a chipped and rugged old snap from the 1960s-seriously Hipstamatic, I love you but I just wish to God your name wasn't 'Hipstamatic'. 

The other night I took a diversion to the fresh fish counter and purchased some Mahi Mahi instead of the normal offerings of Cod (we just can't eat that anymore without feeling oceans worth of guilt) or Salmon. My goodness it was a succulent fish, cooked up with garlic, red chilles, lemon and olive oil. I made a radish salad, boiled baby greens with chilli and wild rice to accompany-and I thought that night, this must be the most refreshing summer dish I've made yet (in May). Below is the bacon and egg pie I made with my babysitting girls. Sadly it got eaten by their hungry dog a few minutes later but NEVER MIND. It looked ACE and I felt so complete having rolled pastry and cut out a star and a man . It's the simple things I tell you.

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