Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Soft Fray

The Hunt Is


Yeaaaah Dawg

Send the sniffer dogs back to their kennels...

Turn the searching spot lights off.

I have found two of the most rip-roaringly perfect jacket/cardigan/things/whatever FINALLY. The boucle thing is just great but every jacket I tried on was either too boxy or too stiff. The golden answer...go for a softer feel or bloody well go to the cheap TRF section in Zara...for wonders and treasures untold. I found the beige one in Deuxieme by Strenesse (who's that...I mean I just don't care, I'm in LOVE) and the black one is from Zara. It is my version of a biker jacket as I have had a two year hunt for a leather jacket to no avail. Who cares. Tweather is way better than leather.

Hey guys, it's Wednesday! Half Way House Right here. 

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