Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Back To Basics

A Hoarding Related  Enlightenment...

...crept up on me out of nowhere. "Charlie!" it yelled, "Stop hoarding and buying weird tribal things you'll never greedy so and so" 

Go on, I said... I'm Listening. 

"Don't you see? Chuck out all the crap out and start investing in BASICS dear. They will be your 'meat and potatoes' and you can leave all that luminous, beaded stuff to be your 'salad dressing'."

As a consequence of this Enlightenment I invested in the above. Full of carbs but fucking delicious. And let me tell you, I where them ALL THE TIME. Goldsign jeans are RIDICULOUS. They feel like you are wearing a loving seriously.  

I strongly suggest you lads get yourself down to Deuxieme... FAST.

Jumper Joseph
Smock Tops Zadig & Voltaire at Deuxieme
Vest top Vanessa Bruno
Jeans Goldsign

All at Deuxieme

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