Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Let's Talk About Miranda...

Miranda Kerr for Vogue July Issue
Interviewed by Alexandra Spring
Photography by Will Davidson


She's my second favourite Miranda EVER. Man, you gotta love Miranda Kerr. Sipping on peppermint tea and reading over her interview in July's edition of Vogue makes you feel as though you are actually inhaling Summer itself. The girl is a friggin' rose scented breeze... and the best gal to turn to for health inspiration. She is a HUGE pioneer of healthy eating and drinking and using products which only include things that are kind to you both inside and out. So let's get to the point here... I am attempting to embark on a month sans alcohol. (By the way I wrote 'sans' to demonstrate one of my pet hates(along with the words 'pet hate' themselves).... intermittently dropping French or indeed any other language into an otherwise entirely English sentence....it makes my hairs stand on end...DON'T DO IT, d'accord??) So back to the point, hmmm, yes, a month without alcohol. Why? Because I've never done it, or indeed given up anything before and I think it will be good for me, you see. Good for my liver, good for NOT having all those drunken cigarettes which otherwise I wouldn't even think of and also good for my bank balance which I well and truly annihilated this morning as a kind of 'good luck' charm. (You will see these charms on here later...they are beautiful) So in the mean time, as I am yogering and pilate-ing and running and juicing and being at one-ing with myself-ing, I will look to Miranda's absolute GAWJUSNESS to inspire me. 

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