Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Paris Mais Oui

We all actually booked our tickets...

And went. Just like that. Speeding off on the Eurostar bright and early on a Saturday morning we were so excited about leaving London behind and arriving into Gare Du Nord. We stayed a lovely little hostel (25 euros a night...bargain!) in the Marais called Hotel Rivoli with large windows and amazing views. After dumping our stuff we obviously hit the cafes and ate delicious Chevre Chaud and gulped cold wine. In the evening we ate at Derriere which was SUCH a good call on Alex's part as the fish and cocktails there were beyond delicious. There is a table tennis table set up in the middle of the restaurant (Yes We Played...but of course) and a secret smoking room upstairs that you get to by pushing through the back of a wardrobe...sneaky AND creaky. We had the best time there. Then off we ran to a Brazilian music night at Favella Chic and boogied the night away. The next day was spent hopping in and out of cafes as one of our crew (who shall remain nameless) needed to have access to a loo at all times. She was experiencing the HANGOVER FROM HELL and there was nothing we could do but sit and watch (in hysterics) She fell asleep thrice. Once on a cafe bench while the rain pattered down, once on a chair outside the oldest bookshop in Paris (pics above) and once, inside the bookshop on one of the reading benches...such is life. 

Book your tickets to Paris. It's always a good idea!

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