Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cali And Cale

G'day Guwys!

So I want to share this little gem with you.... I don't know what it is but recently I have been hearing and seeing more and more about the delights of Australia. I've had an influx of Aussie customers into the shop who have been telling tales of the mouth watering foodie culture out there (Melbourne in particular sounds heavenly for brunching) not to mention the delirious richness of the Aussie coffee scene and of course, the unstoppable Australian labels which seem to be emerging on our British radar daily... So what is this rise of the golden land? We are definitely starting to listen up to the laid back designs which are two parts beach and one part city sleek.  Cali & Cale is a footwear brand which intends to merge beach lifestyle with urban chic and the outcome is powerful and cool. The above pics are my two faves from their recent collection, The Journey and there is no end to the ways I am imagining wearing them. I'm dreaming of wearing the second style with a short LBD and a REAL tan which hopefully will reveal itself to me any time soon....COME ON TAN I KNOW YOU WANT TO BE ON ME. Check out the postcard (bottom) of their recent photo shoot for the collection taken from their blog...

So seeing as I am in an especially giving mood.... I will share the Aussie coffee locations that I have been secretly hoarding for the past couple of weeks (after extensive customer interrogation I might add) Note to you lot... I haven't had time to test any of them out myself (except Barossa which I get coffee from EVERY day because I am lucky enough to live and work on the same street...thank God!) so this is LITERALLY hot off the press...

Barossa on New Kings Road 
Orange Pekoe in Barnes
Grimes in Putney
St Ali in Farringdon
Lantana  Tottenham Court Road
Milk Bar Piccadilly (New Zealand)
All Press Shoreditch
Flat White Piccadilly (New Zealand)

Enjoy your Sundays!

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