Monday, 13 August 2012

Mr Brainwash


... each visitor, one by one, graffiti artist Mr Brainwash sprays his CANNED HUMOUR all over your face as you stroll around the Old Storage Office on New Oxford Street. Best part about it, the free drink at the end. I went for vitamin water.   What did I think? Really?? It was okay. Certain things I got such as the old fashioned scenes on canvas which were modernized with quirks, a hand holding a can of spray paint here, a shot of colour on an otherwise black and white scene there. They were fun and they made me chuckle. I also liked the vibrancy of colour throughout which provided the flow of the exhibition through some four or five big, industrial rooms. There was always something to look at, including giant Gorillas. 

In a world where advertising is pushed upon us, even as we are told in adverts, that it is not "We would never tell our customers what to do" etc etc, escapism in art is what I want. A return to nature. SOME PEACE AND QUIET and a definite dodging from cans of Heinz soup and telephone boxes and black cabs. Which brings me on to the British Museum where I found just what I was looking for in quiet etchings by Picasso (below) and inky Japanese paintings such as this one by Liu Dan (below 2) not to mention the AMAZING mummies on the Ancient Egypt floor.  Yep it's been a slightly geeky day, but that's okay. I came home with a bag of postcards, Egyptian papyrus paper and an origami kit. SUPER.

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