Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Notebook


Don't worry dudes

This notebook won't make you cry... 

Bought this absolute hunny from The Pink House in Mustique on my travels. It was the cheapest thing in the shop and I'd like to think, the most attractive...such is life. Coated with this printed cotton the paper is smooth and thick so when you write it makes that lovely scribble sound.  I have had the most incredible trip... seen stingray and wild dolphins and dived down to turtles and ship wrecks. We sailed past the island they filmed Pirates Of The Caribbean on but alas, Johnny wasn't waving at me from the shore... think he must have been chopping coconuts somewhere else. That reminds me, they were LETHAL bizzle. One huge humdinger almost ended my days on fair Mother Earth. To be honest lads, I've probably had the best holiday ever. Cheers. 

Photo Diary coming soon.

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