Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Stretch

Work it, Stretch it, Work it hunnyyyyy

So you know I was talking AT you about going green, well DO IT in comfort with these skinny legging cords from GAP for £44.95. They come in navy, black and burgundy (hot!) too. Layer with a big chunky polo neck for general cosiness. 

I have to say, GAP's new legging jeans are insane. They are on sale for £27.99 on the website at the moment. I got mine in black (which is actually a perfect faded black colour) a month ago and I've only peeled them off reluctantly to wash them. 

"Babe, change into your PJ's" he'll say.... "NO way. These bad boys are so comfy I'll damn well sleep in them!" I holla back. 

These babies give you a great be-hind, stick to your body and NEVER bag. They are better than any J brands or spenny jeans I can assure you. Pick from S, M or L depending on your size. They are super flattering which is why I'm recommending these cords too as I think they'll be the same stretch fit!


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