Tuesday, 11 September 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Ahhh Shucks

Losing your makeup bag SUCKS ASS. The full horror of it is like a slow moving train, steadily chugging on into absolute CHAOS (or as my sister would say chay-oooos) as you realise all the things you need to replace. Yep that's what carnival will do for ya. So, ever the optimist I've decided to see it as a Spring Clean, or rather an Autumnal Dusting. Here are some of my ESSENTIALS that I could nee live without (although I did for a week and it was real tough). Hopefully they are all crystal clear in this uber large picture so I don't have to list them! Lazy me...no? I must add that although Berocca isn't a 'cosmestic' it's BLOODY AMAZING and has got me through many MANY hangovers. That is all young loves.

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