Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Aloe Guys!

A Little Bottle Of Miracle

Now Firstly, have I been a TERRIBLE blogger or what?? The answer, my dear friends, is YES OF COURSE I HAVE. Life has well and truly got in the way and sometimes, well.... you just have to live. I have started working with a brilliant new stylist called Tara Sugar (see for examples of her work) and we have got lots of exciting projects on the go. One of which is shooting a S/S 2013 lookbook for an Eco-friendly fashion website- all very exciting in the run up to Christmas. Now as a little present for my time away from My Little Eye I wanted to give you another SHHHHHHHHHH DON'T TELL ANYONE! SECRET. The shampoo above has floated down from heaven, and just somehow made it into Boots for just £3.74. Urmmm, thanks Big G. I cannot recommend it enough... you simply must go out and buy it tomorrow and report back to me about HOW INSANELY HAPPY YOU ARE WHEN YOU SEE HOW SHINY YOUR HAIR HAS BECOME. You will feel like Penelope Cruz, or Cheryl, Cindy or Jet from Gladiators. GO GO GO! (and it's organic....AND it's got my favourite thing in the WORLD in it....OLIVE OIL)

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