Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pretty Things

Home Sweet Home

We all have certain things that make us feel calm and serene. Some people like hot baths, some people like dolphin music and I find myself drawn to pastel colours. I never really realised this about myself until I looked around today and noticed that all my fave interiors are in hues of grainy pastels. Having a clean space to wake up to really affects how I work and think. I love bold colours in the living area where there are actual wars being fought between armies of tartan and tribal cushions but NOT in the bedroom-it HAS to be clean and serene... and that is NOT a euphemism peeps. 

It was pretty darn great to get my camera charger delivered today. Back in the gaaaaaaaaaaaame biatches. 

Silk underwear in the pictures from Beautiful Bottoms.

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