Monday, 11 February 2013

In My Bathroom: Freda Coat

Oh Boy...

Since buying this charcoal, cashmere-mix, double breasted coat/jacket by Freda, I can honestly say it has been on my shoulders for the past three months. I had a bad dream that I had worn it so much it had gone bobbly and there were holes all over it... alas I awoke to find it was okay. More than okay, fan-bloody-tastic. How can a coat this simple and actually quite mannish be such a winner? The answer lies in the simplicity. It goes with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe, it adds structure to any outfit and most importantly it is neither black, nor grey but a charcoal hybrid. It's love. Please stay with me forever, dear coat. I can't find the exact model for you unfortunately and the cuts of the one's I can find aren't quite as cool but check out other styles HERE.

Freda Coat from Deuxieme Dress Agency

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