Tuesday, 12 July 2011


There is something wonderful about isolation. Not all kinds of isolation of course but certain instances. A stolen hour here and there. You tend to asses and evaluate, listen to yourself more and shut out The Noise. Come to think of it, it's almost impossible to be entirely on your own in London...

But what would be the point of looking that good if there was no one there to see you? I am referring to Kate of course. Love the styling. Earthy greys and sands work best with a coco butter tan, as do ropes, boats, branches and indeed ripped castaway clothes. Although most of us would look off our rockers walking to work like that. Just one week to go until my holiday...I cannot wait to be a castaway. Albeit more freckly than Kate. And instead of having a coco butter tan, I will smother myself in coco butter from head to toe. EXCITED

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