Friday, 15 July 2011

From the skies

When I grow up , mum, I want to be one of the most famous models in the world, look like an actual fallen angel and start a band with my boyfriend as the lead singer, okay? Abbey Lee Kershaw has found that you can always get what you wa-aaaant, you can always get what you wa-aaaant. She's probably the only girl in the world I might actually use the pick-up line "Did it hurt?".. "When you fell from heaven.." Because she actually does look like she should be playing her tambers on another earth, her beauty is so ethereal and other-worldly. She's only recently caught my eye but now she has one of the my favorite faces-alarming and almost terrifying beauty.

This fresh face heading the Gucci, Tom Ford and Versace campaigns to name but a few, has recently ventured into music with her band 'Our Mountain' which owns a "swampy swagger blues" as Abbey dances with a tambourine (well we wouldn't expect any less) and her boyfriend, Matthew Hutchinson takes lead vocals. Listen to their new single 'Wooden Hearts' here. I am sold, what about you?

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