Sunday, 21 August 2011

Capital Car Boot Sale

If there is one thing to do in London on a Sunday IT IS THIS. The Capital Car Boot Sale runs every Sunday in Pimlico (in a school playground) and you can pick up a whole bag full of goodies for just a few pounds. Plus everyone there is well nice and there are some great stories that people tell you about what you are buying. I overhead a very beautiful couple telling a very trendy guy all about the parties his newly purchased leather jacket had been to. The photo frames were 50p each (I'm going to paint inside them), the battered leather motorcycle pouch bag (perfect for my camera) was ONE POUND PEOPLE and the gold watch and friendship bracelets were £.3.50 in total. Just as I was leaving I spied the silk floral maxi dress (bottom) by Country Road, an Australian label and I managed to bargain with the lovely owner who let me sprint out of there with a dress for £1.50. I am wearing it now as I rejoice on my bed. YIPEE. I LOVE DAYS LIKE THIS. Car boot sales are the way forward I tell thee. Click HERE for a link for more info on this event.

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