Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ebayed out of it

Guys I know I can't shut up about ebay but that is because I genuinely think that it is one of cyber earths greatest paradise's. Honestly. I have done SO well from ebay, although I do spend more hours than most typing in obscure searches and waging frightening bidding wars till the bitter end. I love it so much that tomorrow's post will show you the great things it has given me (often for 99p!) in photos. Just. you. wait. My latest discoveries have been the super sweet Pixie Weavelle who makes me these uber cool friendship bracelets for ...wait for it...£1!!!!! You tell her which colour you want and which thread and she makes it uo and posts it out to you asap. They are brilliant for presents (hello stocking fillers 2011) and also I wear a trillion layered on my arm. Pixie also made me a lovely feather one which I wear on my ankle (no space left on my arm as it happens) The ear cuff is from another fab ebay seller and I love it so much I won't ever take it off. (which can be a little painful if I sleep on that side) GUYS STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND GET ON EBAY NOW. I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO TELL YOU TWICE (THREE HUNDRED TIMES, OKAY???

Get your ear cuff by clicking here and DEFINITELY get one of Pixie's amazingly amazing bracelets by clicking here. Ebay is the way forward I am telling y'all.

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