Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Colour Poppin Love List

Wowee. All these 'postcards' I am showing you (that I scan out on the big ocean that is the internet) tell a tale ot two about simple things that I love. That I love so much they make me go all golden inside. They may all be 'aesthetic' but it is the delights of the eye that inspire me more than music, more than most things. Any thing that captures my little eye for more than one second has done its job well! Below I am going to list a few of my favourite things. Please leave me comments of yours! I would love to know....

1. Dreamcatchers
2. Chinese Lanterns
3. Old pastel coloured fridges and type writers *weird!
4. Vintage playing cards
6. Aztec and tribal prints ****especially on interiors
7. AMAZING INTERIORS (make me want to have my own colourful nest)
8. Frays and Rips
9. Stacked jewellery, chunky or fine/gold or silver
10. Polaroids or the very clever IPhone ap which mimics the vintage feel
12. Beautiful books

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