Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Inspiration for bored girls who work

Everyone needs a bit of My Little Eye inspiration on grey days like the present. When London is particularly bland, bleak, 'phuh' then SPICE UP YOUR OUTFITS!!! I want to see flashes of leopard, I want to see buckled sandals, fraying hems on micro shorts, silver warrier rings, knuckle dusters and oversized clutches to arm you against the boredom. COME ON! All of the above score A**** from me. But it is Mrs White Shorts who has inspired me the most. I want it all. Especially the white frayed shorts. Also guys, I know I have been banging on forever about small, thin friendship bracelets with charms bla bla bla (i just love them SO) please seek solace on ebay when the weather is grey. Click here to see what I just got...You'll never guess! Loving x

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