Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Capital Carboot


Last Sunday I had a Funday. I went on a car boot trail with me m8s, starting off at Battersea and then ending at the Capital Carboot Sale in Pimlico. Unfortunately luck wasn't on my side (or I wasn't in the mood to spend) and I went home with someone's old multi coloured T-shirt (with pom-poms on it) which I bought to wear in bed...

1. Totally weird
2. My pj drawer has enough crap in it already.

Oh well, nothing an extra hot wash can't rectify. My friend Amy ( did, on the contrary very well. She found some wonderful ostrich leather buckle brogue-esque shoes, a leather pencil skirt, a loose knit jumper and a gold-y oversized jumper. Hey, you win some you lose some. Both carboots' run each and every Sunday meaning that YOU have multiple opportunities to get some very cheap Christmas presents. Rummagerummage.

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