Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Jam-packed with itsy bitsy gems.

FELT is tucked just off the Kings Road at 13 Cale Street. I discovered its whereabouts by admiring a ladies wrist that was adorned with skinny gold bracelets and charms. Felt, she told me, was packed with the stuff.

The teeny tiny store is run by Eliza who travels far and wide in search of the most exquisite stock for her shop. She had just come back from Paris Fashion Week when I went to see her, where she had been to appointment after appointment. The shop has a huge price range from the £25-£35's to the £3,000's. As I hope my pictures show, every inch of space houses some alluring piece. Out of all the wonderful things in FELT, I have my eye on the gold skinny ring. Maybe that will go on my Christmas wish list. Pop down to 13 Cale Street to be the envy of all your friends...


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