Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I Heart Hari's

Branching out with one's hair is always a risky business. 

I wonder how many men and women in the world have swallowed back tears as they see their beloved hair falling away right in front of their very eyes.. And a bad hair cut can take months to rectify itself. Luckily for me, I had a bad haircut rectified at this paradise of a salon, Hari's on the Kings Road. I went on the recommendation of my good friend Georgie and disappointed I was not. I had the best haircut I've had in years (step away from the mediocre salons that lure you in time and time again with a 50% off bribe!!) and the jagged layers of  my previous cut were blending and smoothed to create a cut which is still as great, 2 months on.

I paid £48 which included a lovely shampoo (great head massage!!), cut and a sleek-making blowdry. Although this is almost double what I have previously paid for a cut, the results are more than doubly good! Plus...have you seen the place?? I had to take a few pics of the individually designed mirrors. There is also a great smoothie bar that you can order from while you pour over the monthly mags. Pretty much a small slice of heaven mmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyone who needs a cut, GO TO HARIS!! http://www.kingsroad.harissalon.com/

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  1. I LOVE IT! I can just about see your hair and it looks INCREDIBLE. Sitting at my desk picking at my split ends, am gonna book now! xxx