Tuesday, 4 October 2011

All Wrapped Up In This

I don't quite know how to handle this addiction.

This all-consuming, all-devouring, wooly addiction.

In the past (i'd say...) three weeks I have become OBSESSED, absolutely, ridiculously, unashamedly OBSESSED with knitwear. Nothing can stop my lust. Nothing can contain my desire to hike them high over my head and feel their fluffy-goodness descend all over me. I will be wearing chunky knits, waffle knits, holey knits and mohair with leather shorts galore this Autumn. The best part about this look is that (aside from the absolute gold dust on the British high street ***Zara & New Look are tops bytheby ****) you can pick up all the looks and styles above by searching second hand and charity shops. Trust me, I should know. So get scrambling. I don't want to see you in anything else. No sir-ey.

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