Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Oh Shucks!!!

Guwys I'm SOOOO sad. Ages ago I changed the address of my blog address and didn't realise that it would stop my followers from reaching me on bloglovin. I've now had to delete the old account (which has been frozen on bloglovin for months) and reinstall it which means....wait for it....I'VE LOST ALL MY FOLLOWERS!!!! Please come follow me on bloglovin again today (it takes only 2 minutes) and help me get my blog out there. As unbeknown to me it has been frozen in time for the last 5 months. Whoops. All ya need to do is click on the beautiful head icon and sign up. Help me get that nought up to 10 million! I will be ever so so grateful. Love y'all.


  1. aw dang! I changed mine on my blog and i never get updates anymore. technology today eh?

  2. i know so annoying! You have a great blog. Following you on bloglovin now!