Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Fantasy Bi-hatches

Don't say it!

Just don't EVER say I don't do anything for you alriiiiiigh'....cos I bloody well do. Look at these fantastic gems above from Swedish superstore H&M. Who knew that the home ware was so lovely ehh? That blanket will do perfectly for the long winter nights. 

Now although it might seem like I'm permanently shopping, the truth is that I can never afford to do anything other than fantasize about all this great stuff. Which must be why I'm so OBSESSED with blogging about all these shiny things (in a similar way to how hungry people on diets spend their whole time yabbering on about food) Well THIS Friday it's different. Partly because I've been working very hard and partly because H&M have a brilliant "pay in monthly installments" option but this Friday, my fantasy (or part of it) is a REALITY PEEPS! After splitting my old p-leather trousers very unceremoniously, I have bought the one's in pics 4 and 5. AND the perfect boots in pic 6. THEY ARE PUUURRRRRRRRRFECT. The most lovely, slightly pointed shape with that metal slither at the bottom. Fabulous, fabulous. Can't wait to wear them out for boogy time soon. 

Happy Friday Team Cool

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