Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Presenter: One Day

You are cordially invited to have many more Teabreaks with us...

...and hang out with some ACE bands and artists. Myself, Aoise Tutty of 92 Circles and Amy Sherman of The Greedy Hybrid (my official partners in crime) got together to make the above happen. Check out both Amy and Aoise's blogs for an insight into their marvellous minds. Please share our interview with as many people as possible as the more hits we get, the more chance we will have to turn it into a REAL LIFE show. Which reminds me, we need sponsorship. If anyone has any little, big or bright ideas, please email me or Aoise or Amy at either , or We don't need a lot but we do need some help... Thanks Guwwwwwyz xx


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