Thursday, 16 February 2012

She's got it

Oi Olivia mate

You're right up my street alright? Literally right up there.

It is questionable whether Olivia is human or indeed, magpie. Hmmm. What would Sherlock Holmes conclude? Magpie is my guess. She looks immaculate ALL the time and whilst I love staring at her, I also find it utterly terrifying that one person can HAVE this much STUFF. Just imagine what her humungous 'closet' is like,  dears? With 'stuff' falling from every crevis, tipping out from every nook and cranny, creaking on top of wardrobes. If I had that much STUFF I think I wouldn't leave my room all day with the total exhaustion of it all. I think I'd have stuffoholism. But i'd probably look delicious.

So with the impending, looming, tremoring London Fashion Week, Olivia is my point of inspiration (slightly beneath Solange who is looking SENSATIONAL over in NYC atm) She is a walking style guide. A terrifying example of how we all could look if we manicured, pedicured, blowdried and spritzed ourselves into bouffon oblivion. As I stare down at my chipped aubergine nail polish and notice a tomato soup stain on the edge of my sleeve, I definitely feel this is a heavenly perch I'll never rest my aaaaaaaaaaaassssss on.

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