Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Vestaire Collective

Mother May I...

Oh whoops I just did! After discovering online French second hand store Vestaire Collective  (ebay-ish but in a very sophis way dahhlings) I have become addicted to browsing the 'New In' section and creating an ever growing wish list. Man they have INCREDIBLE stuff. The prices are set and so you don't get that annoying escalation that Ebay has. The sellers on this site also reduce when their item has been hanging around so if you add an item to your wishlist you can check if it goes down. A little tip for you, check out things by brands. Zara weirdly has the most amazing items on the site- I've spied so many cool boucle jackets and chic shoes. Why is what is French always more appealing??

I gave in after a week of careful browsing and bought the cotton bikini above. It is TOO amazing and I'm so excited for it to arrive. I'll post pics of the real deal when it comes, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. 

Seriously check this site out-it's UNREAL.


  1. WHAT?! How did I not know about this.... Oh Gad charls, I feel a spend coming on! xxx

  2. oh but you's ridiculous Check out Iro and isabel Marant as much it will make your head spin! Please can i see you next week?? xxx