Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Light Side

Drum Roll Please...


Iiiiiiiin FIRST place we have IRO's magnificent, wonderful, triumphant ivory and print zipper jacket which moulds the old body like a friggin' glove on a hand. I  should know...I wondered into a spacious boutique shop on the Northcote Rd yesterday (Question Air...check it out) and there it was, the jacket of my dreams, the source of my Vestaire Collective obsession, staring back at me. I tried it on and almost yelped with joy. Pity it's FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE POUNDS. What in the name of ZEUS is that all about hmmmmm?

IIIIIInnnnn SECOND place, step forward Gat Rimons for an impossibly simple but effective quilted cotton jacket. Oh so pretty, summer-fresh and French. I looooooove it. But at £195, I'd rather make my own one out of paper mache...That's a thought....

Iiiiiiiiiiiin THIRD place.... the maker of my INCREDIBLE bikini that I made an impromptu splurge on a few weeks ago, Laurence Dolige has taken what I like best about sofa's and turned it into a boxy, comfy jacket. There is nothing I don't like about this....oh wait...other than the fact that I can't afford it at a nice, round £330.

Oh well, a girl can but dream and make her Vestaire wishlist bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger

Jackets are so HOT right now. I will post a picture of my Zara Number One Wanted later on....toodles.

Shop JACKETS at Vestaire Collective HERE 

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