Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Let's Run Away

Nirrimi Firebrace...

...has captured the essence of escape and youth in this sun kissed and sand-spattered video for Billabong. I've watched it three times this morning as the rain creeps down in shards of grey. It does its job well, transporting us to a location that is suspended between real experience and an amalgamation of our fondest memories, The Ideal.  Nirrimi has lived a fascinating life, chasing adventure and love and shunning the well trodden route taken by most. She has allowed her passion for photography to dictate the direction in which she travelled. The biggest adventure has just begun with the birth of her first child. Read more about her work and her interesting life on her website but be prepared to sit where you are for the next 10 hours: http://www.theroadishome.com/

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