Sunday, 10 June 2012

The List

Boots £49.99 Trf at Zara
Necklace £17.99 at Zara
Bikini £15 from Boohoo
Bra £31 by Cosabella at Nordstrom

In no particular order...

Here are four things on my never ending wishlist, cemented in the white fluffy clouds. Firstly, the burgendy leather chain boots from Zara are the perfect ankle height and just BANGIN in general. Black boots all look the same, I'm diggin' the autumnal hues of these babies and thinking how great they would look with grey faded denim MMMM mmmmm MMMMMMM. Secondly My Little Eye fell upon this FIERCE black and gold chain necklace in the 'new in' section of Zara's website. Talk about statement dears. Next up, My Little Eye spotted the tie dye bikini above in a magazine spread a few weeks ago, hiding behind the models layered vest tops and boho necklaces. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it and think it could be a fun piece for balmy nights in the sand. Lastly, finding the perfect soft, white bra to deal with Summer's sheer white shirt dilemmas is not an easy task. After weeks (no kidding) of trying to find the prototype, I fell upon this Cosabella bra by browsing on the trusty Shopstyle website. This is the perfect thinness with an exceptional likeness to a bikini shape (an absolute must) YES. We have LIFT OFF.

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