Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Beauty Workshop

1. Lauren has her nails done.
2. Wunmi has hers pained in the new glittery treatment.
3. Lauren still having her nails done.
4.I went fr a base coat as I'm somewhat afraid of colourful nails. 

Sexy Breakfast...

...was served on sticks, with a berry-on-a-cocktail-stick extravaganza. There was also croissants and juice and coffee and tea as we walked through the maze of tantalising beauty counters and treatment tables. Selfridges had invited us down to check out their new Beauty Workshop which is supposed to operate somewhat like a car wash (yes really) You go in one end and come out the other end all shiny and new, squeaky clean and looking HAAAWT. I had to rush off but managed to get my nails done by the lovely girls in The Paint Pot nail bar. Think it's a great idea as all the girls on the floor are trained at everything so you can have the same pal throughout. I wish I was a little  bit more high maintenance so I could do this kind of thing all the tiiiiiiiime baby.

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