Monday, 28 January 2013

Cinematic Inspitations

There are some films...

...that make a lasting impression on you and somehow manage to creep into your subconscious. A Swedish Love Story (1970) by Roy Anderrson,  is one of these films. Set during an idyllic Swedish Summer, we watch the story of two self conscious teens, Parr and Annika, falling in love. I first watched it in Norway a few years ago and it struck me down. Watching it again the other evening, it struck me down again and made my cry. 

The purity and longing of their experience, juxtaposed with the bleak and hopeless depression of almost all of the adult characters makes for a film which somehow manages to convey the very essence of first, desperate love. Youth becomes something idyllic, ideal, as precious as a rare yellow diamond whilst adulthood is full of middleclass and middleage disillusion, delusion and depression. This film is shot in the most beautiful way and as for the performances by these two young actors, it is astounding. 

Ultimately it is a film about how love can be used to rescue each other, not just from life as you know it but also from reality. A lovers world is a world of dreams afterall. WATCH IT!!

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